I am trying to do this in Cygwin on Windows, but I think it should work just fine on Linux. The steps are as listed below.

Find the files needed to be updated (here I want to find all cshtml files containing a certain pattern in its content):

find . -name "*cshtml" -exec grep -l "old-pattern" {} \;

Sometimes there are white spaces in filenames, so pipe the output to sed to provide valid filenames for later use:

sed -e 's/\s/\\ /g'

Last, do the actual replacement by sed:

sed -i 's/old-pattern/new-pattern/g'

The full command is:

find . -name "*cshtml" -exec grep -l "old-pattern" {} \; | sed -e 's/\s/\\ /g' | sed -i 's/old-pattern/new-pattern/g'

Although step one may not seem necessary, it prevents accidentally changing files that doesn’t contain the target pattern.

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