If you use both Vim and snipMate, and upgraded snipMate to the latest version recently, you might encounter a warning:

The legacy SnipMate parser is deprecated. Please see :h SnipMate-deprecate

If you follow the instruction and run :h SnipMate-deprecate, you’ll see the following in a help window:

The legacy parser, version 0, is deprecated. It is currently still the default parser, but that will be changing. NOTE that switching which parser you use could require changes to your snippets–see the previous section.

To continue using the old parser, set g:snipMate.snippet_version (see |SnipMate-options|) to 0 in your |vimrc|.

Setting g:snipMate.snippet_version to either 0 or 1 will remove the start up message. One way this can be done–to use the new parser–is as follows:

let g:snipMate = { ‘snippet_version’ : 1 }

Basically there is a new parser in snipMate, but the deprecated legacy parser is still the default, which would cause this warning. Explicitly setting the parser version to either 0 for the old parser or 1 for the new parser would remove this start up warning message.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason not to use the new parser, so I just added the following in my .vimrc:

    let g:snipMate = { 'snippet_version' : 1 }

Now the annoying warning upon starting Vim is gone :tada:

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