Many geeks are using Macbook or iMac, and they are sharing their opinions about Apple products. That’s why I’ve decided to buy a Macbook too. Here is a collection of views or feelings on Apple computer from different people, as well as some useful tips for using it.

李笑来@xiaolai: All About Apple

徐宥@mathena: 开发人员为何应该使用Mac OS X兼OS X小史

霍炬@virushuo: 这段时间在干什么,顺便说说苹果


我的PIM之旅(1) - Windows上遇到的问题

我的PIM之旅(2) - 用Mac和iPhone来实现我的PIM

我的PIM之旅(3) - PIM云应用


郝培强@tinyfool: 为什么我认为每个程序员都应该用Mac OS X?

张琮翔@vgod: 为什么我用Mac

方块@KrzyCube: Mac诱惑



Macbook Pro初体验

Notes from July 2020

It’s been almost ten years since this post was initially published and unfortunately many of the links in this post have stopped working, so I’ve removed those links. Please keep in mind that even for the links that do work, information in those posts might be out of date.

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